ACBGroup is a network of independent accounting and legal practices with their headquarters in Italy and connected via Intranet. The Studio Biancalani is a partner of this group since 2006. It was founded in 2001 by Professors Luigi Guatri and Victor Uckmar. They created it as a network of professionals with its headquarters in Milan, although it is present throughout Italy and has international connections to other, similar practices.

The indispensable requirements for belonging to the ACBGroup are presented in the "Regulation of the Integrated Practices". This sets out the requirement of good repute and that there be verifiable and recognized high qualitative criteria and adequate organisational and size standards. The ACBGroup is made up of 1.250 professionals from 60 Integrated Practices who present the market with their experience and expertise giving rise to the first integrated model of professional advice, capable of assisting a Firm during its growth phase.

The main activities carried out by ACBGroup in collaboration with the Firm are:

Business Consulting;
Corporate Finance;
Tax and legal;
Business Management;
Internationalization processes.

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