The Firm was founded in 1987 by Dr Paolo Biancalani and in the year 2013 Dr Andrea Biancalani joined the Firm.

In December 2000, in order to guarantee the highest standard of quality and professionality, Studio Professionale Biancalani, adopted a quality management system complying with the law UNI EN ISO 9001:2000. Issued and released by the classification society DNV-GL (accredited ACCREDIA) certification applies to the following products and services: design and provision of professional services in bookkeeping and accountancy, trade matters, business economics, business administration, management consulting, commercial law, tax law, bankruptcy law, internal and external auditing and any other activity contemplated by the Chartered Public Accountants Union (Ordine dei Dottori Commercialisti). The certification is updated on yearly basis and in the year 2017, undergoing to the strict quality control of all its practices, the Firm has successfully complied with the new law UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and today is one of the very few Chartered Accounting Firm in Italy.

Furthermore in the year 2006, the Firm joined the ACB Group, a network of independent accounting and legal practices, founded in 2000 by some leading academics, as Prof Luigi Guatri and Prof Victor Uckmar. This network proposes an innovative integrated model of professional assistance, aiming to develop aggregation of professionals spread all over the national territory.



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