The firm provides consultation and assistance in all aspects and stages of the running of enterprises, private citizens and non-profit organization in legal, accounting, finance and tax matters. Our consultancy services cover the following areas:



Consultation and assistance in dealing with regulatory authorities and tax related matters such as: national and international direct and indirect taxes, income tax returns, tax planning and tax litigation.


Budget and Accounting

Consultation and assistance regarding the drawing up of balance sheets and consolidated balance sheets for companies in accordance with the national and international Civil Code, accounting policies and tax systems; the evaluation and correctness of specific accounting procedures; bookkeeping; simple and ordinary accounts; drafting a Business Plan.


Company Law and Agreements

Consultation and assistance in company law and contractual matters: incorporation, termination and variation of contracts, dissolution of a company, partnerships, and relations between partners or shareholders and the company, companies and organs of association; drawing up and entering a contract and all possible related contract issues.


Business Consultation

Consultation and assistance within the organization, administration, planning and management control of companies and/or entities. Consultation and assistance in business finance. Evaluation of industrial complexes, company’s shares/shareholdings, individual assets and specific economic events.


Auditor and Certified Public Accountant for public and private business.



Insolvency procedures and reorganization of a Company

Consultation and assistance in the collective creditor action phase and insolvency procedures by means of a reorganizational planning and a corporate rescue performance. Assistance in presenting the request for arrangement and composition with creditors. During the insolvency procedures, trustee in bankruptcy and liquidator in the winding up.


Mergers and Acquisitions

Consultation and assistance in mergers and acquisitions, transfers, and divisions of industrial complexes; conversion of a firm into a joint-venture; generational changes in ownership or management.


Studio Biancalani is one of the few Chartered Accounting Firm in Italy, which underwent a

quality control of all its practices and consequently obtained the certification  ISO 9001:2015.

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